Guitarist/singer/songwriter Roger Samples is so missed by the music community throughout West Virginia, Kentucky and beyond.

This is a little tribute to him from his friends in The 1937 Flood, the Huntington, WV, band that Rog co-founded more than 40 years ago with David Peyton, Charlie Bowen and the late Joe Dobbs. We feel so privileged to have known Roger and his wonderful family, and we will keep his memory alive.


Roger's death is made all the more poignant by this video, which we posted a little over a year ago. On Jan. 26, 2015, Joe Dobbs, with his friend Margaret Ray, was the returning from his last trip south and decided to stop by Mount Sterling, Ky., to visit his old friend and bandmate Rog Samples. A few days later, Joe sent us the video that Margaret shot with her phone and asked us to post it to celebrate that golden afternoon of stories and music in Rog and Tammy's living room. No one knew, of course, that Joe would be gone eight months later, and then a mere four months after that, Rog would join him, meaning  we lost two of our four founding members -- the youngest and the eldest -- in the space of 20 weeks. There will be talk of new members in angel bands and eventually that will make us smile, but not yet. Right now we're saying, Death, be not proud. We miss them.