Dear Diary

Like an audio diary, nearly 500 episodes of
The Flood's weekly podcast, called "Jam Logs," have been shared online since the first installment in December 2008.

Click here for the latest episodes as well as a browseable archive of
all the episodes to date, enabling you to listen to our goldie-oldies, more than 30 hours of music! Also along the way you'll find "Video Extras" of related material.


Defining events of The 1937 Flood, told in stories, photos, audios and videos over the years!

A band that traces its beginnings back nearly a half century has many entries in its scrapbook.

Here are some of the high and low watermarks of The Flood's drift through the decades. Click here to begin your binge browsing!

song index

Aside from our commercial CDs, hundreds of songs populate these web pages, tunes recorded at jam sessions and parties, rehearsals and performances over the years. Many of them have been featured in our regular weekly podcast or highlighted in the pages of our digital scrapbook. To browse the Song Index, click here!

Guest Register

Over the years, a number of guests -- visitors and returning Flood alumni (each of whom we call a Floodster Emeritus) -- sit in with us at rehearsals, jam sessions and performances. Our Guest Registry is a growing list of guest appearances, with links to the audio and video of their visits.

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Contrary to popular rumors that The Flood doesn't show up on film, we have a healthy collection of videos from Flood events -- practices, jam sessions, and performances -- dating back several decades. To browse the Video Index, click here!

Guest Register

A band that has been around as long as ours has many stories, yarns, tales and outright lies that form our lore and legends. Often between the tunes at jam sessions, rehearsals and public peformances, someone in the group feels compelled -- or repelled -- to tell a tale, and if there's a recorder running, it is saved for the ages. Here is a linked index to the stories we've saved here on the site, inviting you to click in and enjoy the ride.

All these portals -- The Podcast Archives, The Flood Scrapbook, The Song Index, The Guest Registry, The Video Index and The Story Index -- are updated frequently (usually weekly!), so check back often for the new stuff!