Our Podcast

jam logsEach week, some or all of the Floodsters gather at Charlie & Pamela's house for the weekly Flood rehearsal. Often friends and neighbors come round to listen.

These days, a recorder is often running as well, just … oh, in case somebody happens to commit some art.

And now we created a podcast to share occasional tracks from the practice session. Called Jam Logs, Freebies from The Flood, the podcast lets you come to the digital jam session whenever you want to.

How to Subscribe
to Jam Logs, the Podcast

itunesIf you use iTunes on either a Windows or a Macintosh computer, the easiest way to get Jam podcastLogs to subscribe through that software, with this link.

If you want to use a different podcast listening software machine thing, click here for the more generic signup screen


Listening Without
Subscribing to the Podcast

heartCan you hear the freebie tracks from the digital jam session without subscribing to the podcast?

Of course you can! We're always trying to figure out ways to make your life easier!

We stream the Jam Logs tunes on our Digital Jam Session page and we also make them available as free downloads on our last.fm pages. Click here to reach that steaming audio page or click here for the last.fm page where you can download any cuts you want.