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78These days there are lots of ways to get a little Flood in your life, all through the magic that is the web.

You can order complete CDs and have those little boxes of plastic delivered to your house by mail. Or you can download CDs, song by song, and save them in your computer, cutting the postal service right out of the equation. And shoot, we even have a DVD!

But wait -- say you got someone you want to indoctrinate .... uh, did we say that out loud? We meant introduce ... to all things Floodish? Well, while supplies last, we can set you up with a full six-pack of all the commercial Flood CDs for one low (well, low-ish) price. Check out The Flood Six-Pack below.

Here are some ideas for flooding your ears...

Speechless: The Instrumentals


2020: The Flood has had an enduring affinity for vocals. Singing is central to its folk songs and swing numbers, its jug band tunes and blues. However, that eclectic repertoire also always has been built on a strong instrumental foundation, and now, as The Flood approaches its half-century anniversary, it is high time that we put the spotlight on the primary pickers, especially Doug Chaffin, Paul Martin and guest artist, Floodster Emeritus Stew Schneider. The entire album is online.


Live, In Concert

CD 6We're excited about our first ever live, in concert album -- cleverly entitled "Live, In Concert" -- which you can order right here online for $14.95 (plus S&H).

2016: In many ways, this album has been a dream of ours for years. In fact, Joe Dobbs would have loved the fact that The Flood finally has a live CD. It was our late fiddlin' friend's favorite comment that the band he helped form 40+ years ago always sounded better at parties and concerts than it did in rehearsals and in studios. “It helps that everybody’s a ham,” Joe would say with a grin. This is the debut CD for Paul Martin who also did the editing and mixing magic that made this album possible. Click here to hear the album.

Cleanup & Recovery

2013: Hip BootsOn its fifth commercial CD, The 1937 Flood continues exploration of some favorite terrain -- jug band tunes, party music of the 1920s and '30s, re-inventions of classics from pop ballads to folk songs -- but also steps off in some new directions.

This is the first Flood CD to feature bassist/vocalist Randy Hamilton, and his influence can be heard in the tighter vocal harmonies with which Michelle Walker, Charlie Bowen and he are experimenting.

Also this CD finds long-time Floodster Doug Chaffin moving from bass to full-time soloist; on guitar and mandolin he has some sweet work on everything from ballads to jump tunes. The album is a celebration of the Flood's ever-evolving sound.

All the track were engineered and mixed by the incomparable Bud Carroll.

Click here to hear the album.

Wade in the Water

Hip Boots2011: The 1937 Flood's first new release in nearly eight years, "Wade in the Water" was recorded in a single evening in August 2011 in the Huntington, West Virginia, studios of Live at Trackside. Continuing The Flood's reputation as West Virginia's most eclectic string band, the disc features everything from jug band songs and blues to swing numbers and ballads to fiddle tunes and folk favorites. Our price $15.00 (plus shipping and handling). The album is online here.

NOTE: The Flood also made its first DVD during this session. Click here to read all about it below.

I'd Rather Be Flooded

cd32003: I'd Rather Be Flooded is the latest product of The Flood's finding its way to the studio, a disc full of surprises, from the band's first "live in concert" track to the introduction of the vocal stylings of Michelle Walker, from the the recording debut of Doug's bluesy guitar and lively mandolin and Chuck's mellow tenor guitar to the introductory of Joe's original composition, "Vandalia Waltz." Our Price: $14.95. Click here to hear the album.


The 1937 Flood
Plays Up a Storm!

cd22002: Fast on the heels of the boys' 2002 debut album, The 1937 Flood Plays Up a Storm is this second CD from The Flood, a lively and engaging disc that allows the band to stretch out and show off its diversity. Recorded in a single day-long session in November 2002 in Charleston, West Virginia, the tracks were engineered and mixed by The Seventh Floodster, Buddha-patient producer George Walker. Our Price: $14.95. To hear the album online, click here.

The 1937 Flood: The Band,
Not the Natural Disaster

cd12001: Twenty-five years in the making, The Band, Not the Natural Disaster is the 2002 debut CD that started The Flood on a rollercoaster ride. Released on the Braxton Recordings label, the album was recorded in two sessions in Charleston, West Virginia, during the summer of 2001. The recordings were engineered and mixed by the incomparable Buddy Griffin. Our Price: $14.95. The album can be played online; click here.


Hip Boots: The Flooded Basement Tapes

Hip BootsAs everybody's mother always said (usually with a pretty heavy sigh), if you want something Done Right, do it yourself.

Well, in our case, the real truth is that after more than three decades of making music, we just got flat-out tired of waiting for someone else to produce The 1937 Flood bootleg album, and (with a pretty heavy sigh) we decided that if it was going to happen, it looked like we'd have to make it so.

So... meet Hip Boots: The Flooded Basement Tapes. It's a collection of nearly two dozen cuts from various drop-in points during the 30-year-plus history of The Flood, a band deeply rooted in the foggy (some more foggy than others) years of The Hippy Culture.

The Flood Six Pack

For a Limited Time Only, you can get all SIX of The Flood's commercially recorded CDs for $59.95 (plus shipping and handling).


Video Extra!

A Sample of Whatcha Get

That's a third off the regular retail price. It's as if you bought four discs and got two for free!

Let's see... it's 15 years worth of music, so that's $4 a year…. or a penny a day. Hey, it's math! We can do this all day!

It's also nearly a shift's worth of music, so if you want to celebrate Take Your Floodster to Work Day, this is this set you need!

Click the four-minute video at right for a taste of what's included in The Flood Six Pack, with sounds starting in 2001 and bringing us right up to 2016.




A band named The 1937 Flood SHOULD be streamable. .... Yeah, they told us not to use that joke, but did we listen?...

But seriously, folks, The Flood is now finally fully downloadable. People have been after us for years to get this done and finally we have. At last, all six of our commercially recorded CDs -- from the new "Live, In Concert" album all the way back to our 2001 recordings -- are now available on all the major digital outlets.

DownloadThis means you can now download whole albums and/or individual tracks from any of those albums.

Here's are the links to the major ones:

On these and other digital distributors, (Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Slacker Radio and more) you can sample any of nearly 90 tracks, recorded over the past two decades and can buy any to play on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Or if you want a complete album, you can download it too, all at special prices.

Yeah, look at The Flood, finally streamin;' into the 21st century like that ....

DVD: The Making of "Wade in the Water"

Highslide JS In August 2011,The 1937 Flood dropped byLive at Trackside, a new studio specializing in high quality video and audio recordings of bands performing in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Flood spent a great evening with Adam Harris, Michael Valentine, Bud Carroll, and the rest of the Trackside team. The result was Wade in the Water, The Flood’s first new CD in nearly eight years.

At the same time, Trackside videoed some of the songs as they were being recorded along with commentary, and that is the basis for this, The Flood’s first-ever DVD, The Making of Wade in the Water!

(We've had some wonderful early response to the project. In fact, a portion of the title video even has been used in an episode of the new "God's Greatest Hits" documentary series on television in Toronto.)

SEE Sample Tracks!

Anyway, sample videos from the DVD are below, shared by the good folks at Trackside. Here are some links:

Video Extra!

General Preview

Video Extra!

Wade in the Water

Video Extra!

Somebody Been Using That Thing

Video Extra!

Didn't He Ramble?

Ready to Buy? You Can Get Right Here!

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